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THC is removed to below 10 PPM (effectively, no THC)


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We are Opticann®

Our team has more than five decades of experience in clinical medicine and human health and it’s all focused on providing you with cannabinoid products you can trust. We are developing clinically-tested CBD products that combine hemp oil extract in technologically-advanced formulations to deliver real results, fast. For you, that means relief, reliability and safety.

WE ARE OPTIMIZING CANNABINOIDS. Powered by the vision of physicians, pharmacists, researchers and natural product industry leaders, we are optimizing the most effective cannabinoid products on the market.


ArthroCBD is an innovative formulation that has 4x higher absorption of other oral hemp products, as proven by a published human clinical trial. ArthroCBD is also backed by extensive safety testing and actual human clinical data.

ArthroCBD: All the relief, with NO THC | Limits unwanted side-effects


CB4Relief is a new line of hemp-based products that provide reliable and superior performance, without THC, providing safer relief and limiting unwanted adverse effects on the body.

With VESIsorb®, our innovative hemp formulation has 4x the absorption of other options. We deliver ingredients in effective levels for maximum, fast and lasting effect.

Our products are rigorously tested under GMP (Good Manufacturing Products) conditions, scientifically validated, and backed by data.

CB4Relief: Proven relief, proven safe

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